CNC Machining

Utilizing CNC Machining Centers we are able to provide precision milled components at cost effective rates.


Utilizing CNC Laser and Turret Punch Presses we are able to provide precision blanking.


In our Deburring department we are able to provide clean burr-free parts that meet customer's specifications.


Utilizing CNC Press Brakes we are able to produce precision formed metal products.


Our certified Welding department is organized to meet ANSI/AWS/Military MIG and TIG welding requirements.

Finish Grinding

We offer our customers a Grinding department that will meet their cosmetic requirements on all welded products.

Hardware Inserting

Our Hardware Inserting department fully utilizes Haeger Hardware Insertion Presses to efficiently install various industry standard hardware for standard to special application needs.


By utilizing Product Integration's low overhead structure we are able to provide our customers with an efficient Assembly department to help meet any of their needs.

Quality Control

Our Quality Control department is able to provide quality services by utilizing techniques, systems, and equipment that will ensure a quality product for all of our customers.